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Alberto Filippo D’Orazio was born in 1934, in the town of Civitella Messer Raimondo (province of Chieti) which is situated within one of the most beautiful and peaceful regions of Italy known as Abruzzo.

Albert lived a difficult childhood which saw his community terrorized by Nazi troops in the Second World War and the untimely death of his father. In 1954, Albert married Elvira Di Martino.

Two months after his wedding , Albert moved to Toronto, and found work in a nearby cement block factory. In 1956, he began work with a new company installing drains and sewers. Albert quickly gained the experience he needed in construction and developed the business skills that set the foundation for his future. In November 1966, Albert purchased an excavator, a small dump truck and a trailer, and found work excavating foundations and installing drains. Thus D’Orazio Excavating Contractors Limited was born. Expanding in 1972, a second company, D’Orazio Drain & Watermain Co. Limited, was created as work continued throughout southern Ontario. These two companies were subsequently amalgamated in 1994. The new entity is presently known as The D’Orazio Infrastructure Group Limited.

Albert D’Orazio’s experience and hard work has led to the creation of one of the most respected names in the sewer, watermain and excavation sectors of the construction industry.

Albert is a devoted family man who enjoys spending his free time with his wife and family of three children and six grandchildren.