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ISO Certification

ISO Certification

To achieve quality you must work at it by understanding your processes and continually improving them. At D’Orazio we believe and are dedicated to this philosophy and in December 1999, we were pleased to announce the registration of our quality system to the ISO 9002:1994 standard for the provision of infrastructure contracting services primarily for the water and wastewater industries.

Proving that we have a quality system makes us proud because we know what we do, we do well! However, we do not want to rest on the comfort of more than 4 decades of experience that gives us the confidence to make this claim. We want to be better than our competitors and prove to our customers that we are better because of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our processes and our project execution.

That is why we were pleased to announce in February 2009 that our quality system was upgraded to the ISO 9001:2008 standard being the latest benchmark for service quality management. We are the only company in our sector that we know of that can make this claim!